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Seal Beach the Car Show Video on Main Street

A short video of the car show in Seal Beach, this video was taken on Main Street.

Woodies, the beach, and PCH

Here are a few woodies I saw at the April 30 2011 Seal Beach Car Show

Fords from Seal Beach Car Show

Here is a random selection of a few Fords from the Seal Beach Car Show. If I get any of these wrong leave a comment. I think these are 1929 Fords         I believe this is a 1931 ford A Thunderbird from when T Birds were really cool  

Short Seal Beach Car Show 2011 video

A short video showing a couple classic cars at the 20011 Seal Beach Car Show

Corvette at the Seal Beach Car Show

Here is a quick video I took of a Corvette as the Seal Beach Car Show

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