I arrived at the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo ACT Expo a little late and did not get to drive all the cars. However Ann and several others were very patient so I did get to experience several of the Alternative fuel vehicles. My favorite car was the Honda Clarity FCX. The Honda Clarity is the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle I have ever driven.

This is a pretty cool car.

Honda Clarity FCX hydrogen fueled car

Hydrogen fueled Honda Clarity FCX

The gear selector is a little different than conventional cars. As one would expect the instrument gauges are also different. I thought they were quite futuristic. I wish I would have had more time to go over all the features of the car. However this was the last vehicle I got to experience and it was getting late.

Ann mentioned that the car holds four gallons of fuel and gets about 60 miles per gallon. So it has about a 250 mile cursing range. One of the things I really like about electric cars and now hydrogen fuel cell cars as well, is that they are nice and quiet. All in all the Honda Clarity FCX was the car that most impressed me, however the electric bus was equally if not more impressive. I hope to bring that video in the coming week.

I plan on going to the Long Beach Car Show today if I can get away from work. See you there.