What could be better than the fast cars, hot women and cold beer of the Long Beach Grand Prix? Why that’s easy, the Car Show and K-9 Demo Hosted by the Sultans Car Club. I believe I appreciate classic cars a bit more than simply fast cars. And while I do like beer, I like working dogs better. Now the women, well I am male, so I like beautiful women in all setting. We can only hope that there will be beautiful women along with gorgeous cars at this event.

While the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix is big and has money and political backing, this show is to help fund and support the police k9 program. In my younger days I used to train police dogs, what fun.

The car show and K9 demonstrations will from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This event will be held on the grass at the Police officers Association. And you ask, where the heck is that? Do you remember the old veterans hospital? Okay maybe not. It’s at the park located behind the Lowes and wal mart at Carson St just west of the 605. You might need to drive around a bit to find it. I think it’ll be worth the path finding experience to see not only great cars but great dogs too. Hey and spectator admission is FREE! YES

There will be K9 demos, Food, music by Johnny Rocket and the V-twins
I think I read that it’s $35 to enter the car show, but you get a free (kind of free) T-Shirt if you pre-register. Its $40 if you arrive to show your car and haven’t pre-registered.
This show is limited to the first 300 cars. I think that’s a fairly good number of cars to ogle at for the day.