The second annual Radernation Cruise for a cause car show at Fuddruckers in Lakewood, CA. Here is a video I took at the Radernation car show. This show did have some nice classic cars and a lot of later model cars. There were also quite a few low rider cars at this show. All in all an interesting car show. This is the first car show I’ve covered where a main attraction was the people dressed in costumes. The crowd at this show leaned toward the raider fan base, so it was a bit younger and more rowdy than many of the shows I attend. It did have more young ladies in short skirts and shorts than any other show I’ve attended so far this year. It seems the Radernation Cruise for a cause car show is trying to integrate the entertainment value of the spectacle into the static nature of the car show experience. This is an interesting idea that could make car shows draw a larger crowd. However it would also change the nature of classic car shows. I think the classic car show could become a rather spectacular spectacle if this was pursued further. As productions get bigger so do the budgets. Spectacularizing car shows would probably be a bit expensive.

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