The Studebaker show was great. Saw a lot of very nice cars. It started off with a little drizzle and overcast. The sun did manage to break through the clouds by mid morning. With car shows the weather does impact what cars will be driven and therefore entered. If the weather was a little calmer I think we would have seen a few more supper impressive cars. One thing I noticed was that a lot of cars arrived throughout the morning. This changed my usual pattern of doing photos and video.

I have always likes Studebakers. The first cars I encountered at the show was a nice group of Avantis.
Studebaker Avanti
And right across the way there was a nice collection of Champions.
Studebaker ChampionAt the Performance Plus Spring Cruise Car Show there was a custom car build from the front end of a Studebaker Champion. I hope to post those pictures sometime soon. I was planning on posting several of the great car pictures from each month at the end of the month, but I seem to run out of time. It’s a little difficult to work, attend car shows, and maintain the website.

However, I do plan on doing a separate post for one of the rarest cars that I was fortunate enough to see at the show. And that is this great Studebaker Packard Wagon. This car really is spectacular.
Studebaker Packard Wagon

I also plan to do a feature on the Golden Hawks at this show. I think the Studebaker Golden Hawk is one of the nicest looking cars ever made.
Studebaker Lark Commander Hawk

There were also several nice Larks and commanders, not to mention trucks. Again, I believe I enjoy classic Studebaker trucks more than most of the other classic American trucks. I guess you can tell I am a Studebaker fan.
1951 Studebaker Truck

The Studebaker car show was well worth attending. I would say this show is as good as the Performance Plus Spring Cruise Car Show. I really can’t decide which one I liked better. I recommend anyone interested in classic cars or American history make it out to this show next year

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