Toyotafest the all Toyota car show in Long Beach 2011. I did not make it out to this show. Unfortunately I had to do a dog training presentation in Orange County. However I did have a Long Beach Car Show field reporter cover the event. I really wanted to see the classic Toyotas. Hopefully next year my schedule will allow me to attend. In this video there is a great 1936 Toyota and it’s not a small car. Also some vintage Toyotas that are not often seen in America. Oh yes, and there are the current and later model Toyotas that are popular with racers and the Toyota car crowd. I am also quite interested in the plug in hybrid that was at the show. It seems that my car preferences run toward the old, think classic, and the very new.

The video is a little different than what I normally do in that it is almost six minutes long and shows a bit of what took place at the entire show. I hope to have some photos later in the week.