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Electric Buss ACT Expo

This buss was simply amazing. Riding on such a high tech buss gives a person the chance to experience the future in the present. The electric buss is 100 percent electric. In ten minutes it can charge the batteries for a three hour tour. A buss that gets three hours of driving in exchange for the amount of time it takes a drive to have a break. It makes taking a break almost respectable. I guess that is a clue that I work for myself. When you are self employed a break is often just wasting time.
Electric Buss ACT Expo
Able to climb steep hills from a stand still. Almost as powerful as a locomotive (perhaps a little exaggerated). Look, it’s quiet, it’s clean, Yes it’s the future of public transportation.

Toyota Announces First Pipeline Fed Hydrogen Station in US

Toyota has announced opening the first pipeline-fed hydrogen station in the United States. Actually it is a collaborative effort with Shell and various government agencies. After driving the Honda I look forward to having more hydrogen vehicles to drive.

This station is exactly where you would expect it to be, it’s in Torrance CA. hey isn’t that Toyota’s headquarters?

Hydrogen fueled Honda Clarity FCX at ACT Expo

I arrived at the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo ACT Expo a little late and did not get to drive all the cars. However Ann and several others were very patient so I did get to experience several of the Alternative fuel vehicles. My favorite car was the Honda Clarity FCX. The Honda Clarity is the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle I have ever driven.

This is a pretty cool car.

Honda Clarity FCX hydrogen fueled car

Hydrogen fueled Honda Clarity FCX

The gear selector is a little different than conventional cars. As one would expect the instrument gauges are also different. I thought they were quite futuristic. I wish I would have had more time to go over all the features of the car. However this was the last vehicle I got to experience and it was getting late.

Ann mentioned that the car holds four gallons of fuel and gets about 60 miles per gallon. So it has about a 250 mile cursing range. One of the things I really like about electric cars and now hydrogen fuel cell cars as well, is that they are nice and quiet. All in all the Honda Clarity FCX was the car that most impressed me, however the electric bus was equally if not more impressive. I hope to bring that video in the coming week.

I plan on going to the Long Beach Car Show today if I can get away from work. See you there.

Alternative Clean Transportation Expo

There is a very interesting event going on in Long Beach this week, the 2011 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo – ACT Expo. If I have time I will try to get over there and take a look. Although I don’t think it is open to the public. A few weeks ago I heard that this a private event only for the industry and if your not in the industry don’t even think about trying to get in. I am now hearing a little different story. We’ll just need to wait and see.

Mercedes Benz Driving Academy Long Beach Car News

Mercedes Benz is going to open its first driving academy for teens. It is due to open in October of 2011 in Los Angeles. Hey Mercedes why not open in Long Beach? Long Beach is not as congested as Los Angeles and its a lot more driver friendly than LA. I go to many business events in LA and I always dread driving through a 10 to 20 mile long parking lot. I would like to see more big companies move their high profile public relations bait out of the city of Los Angeles and into venues that are easier for vehicle operators. In this case I am thinking of the parents of those teens. There are cities that would work as well as Long Beach but Long Beach may be ideal because of its location and its size. Long Beach is pretty much central to both the city of Los Angeles and Orange County. I’m sure both of these are large markets for Mercedes Benz.