Yes, I know this is a little ways away from Long Beach, but hey it’s still within driving distance. When starting this site I planned on covering the greater Long Beach area. I would say that includes a fairly large swath of California and maybe a few other states too. Okay, I won’t venture to far off the Long Beach path.

This might be an interesting car show although I am really looking forward to the Long Beach Car show with police dog demos next week may 7th.

St. Luke Parish 24 Annual Fiesta Car Show and Expo
April 30, 2011 noon to 4 p.m. in Temple City 5605 Cloverly Avenue, Temple City, CA 91780

For more information contact the Parish Office at 626-281-5900

I think the entry registration is $20 and exhibitor booths are also $20. However, if you register 10 cars in the show you get a complimentary exhibitor booth and a listing in the program. Oh yes, and there are T shirts too