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Car shows Saturday may 14 Toyota’s and Woodies

Today’s cars shows feature Toyota’s and Woodies

Woodies on the Waterfront 2011
L.A. Wood car show at Ports O’ Call Village again this year. When: Saturday, May 14, 2011 from 9am – 4pm
Where: Ports O’ Call Village (Berth 75 – south end) in San Pedro, CA

Saturday May 14th 2011
16th Annual All Toyotafest
Free admission – parking Fee Apply
Show time- 9 to 3pm
Queen Mary Long Beach CA

food and drinks at the Queen Mary
Vendors booths
Specialty Vehicles

Sultans Long Beach Car Show and k9 Demo

Here are a few pictures of two cars I enjoyed at the show. The first is a world war II 1942 Ford GPW. This is the Ford Jeep, a great historic vehicle with a great history.

1942 Ford Jeep

1942 Ford Jeep

1942 Ford Jeep Back

1942 Ford Jeep Back

1942 Ford Jeep Side

1942 Ford Jeep Side

The next is a 1951 Chevy pickup truck. I just really like this truck. I wanted to interview the owner on video but they were not in when I was doing the photos.

1951 Chevy PickUp

1951 Chevy Pick Up


1951 Chevy PickUp Dash

1951 Chevy Pickup Dash

1951 Chevy PickUp Front Tire

1951 Chevy Pickup Front Tire

1951 Chevy PickUp Spare

1951 Chevy Pickup Spare

Sultans Car Show Long Beach 2011

The Sultans Car Show 2011 in Long Beach was great. First it’s set in a park like venue. This is where I used to come out to train dogs.
Car Show in the park like settingWe all got to experience a lot of great cars. In the video you will get to see two of the cars I really liked, one is a 1959 Metro and the other is a 1953 Willys. This show was smaller than the Seal Beach show but well worth it. Again there were some real gems at this show. If I get time later in the week I will post more photos.

K-9 demo at the Sultans car show. This picture is branded with two websites because I might also be using it on my new protection dog blog site
Long Beach Police k9 demo at the Sultans Car Show

Hot August Nights Car Show Deserts Long Beach Venue

Well it look like we are not going to have the huge car show in August this year. The Hot August Night folks are backing out of there deal with Long Beach. Yep, that’s right, the Hot August Nights car show is canceled!

I think this might be a good opportunity for the Long Beach Chamber to put together a big car show. We certainly have the right location for it. I know the Chamber isn’t what it used to be. At least that’s what many business people I work with say. However, it could still be the catalyst for bringing a really big car show event to the long beach area. When I was active in the chamber there were many active committees for promoting business and tourism in the Long Beach area. It would take some time, but we could have the biggest car show in the West.

It’s sad to say good bye to the Hot August Nights car show before we could even say hello.

Toyotafest the Toyota Car Show

This should prove to be a stellar car show featuring America’s favorite brand of Japanese car. I own a Toyota and so do many of my friends, but I don’t have any friends who own a classic Toyota. I like them,  just don’t have any friends who own one.
My favorite classic Toyota is the vintage Land Cruiser. The vintage Land Cruiser has the look of pure adventure. One of the things I enjoy about watching Japanese movies from around the 60’s are all the great cars. Well on Saturday May 14th you can come out and see those same kind of car in real life. Not Kodachrome or even living color but real life color.

Saturday May 14th 2011 T.O.R,C, Toyotafest
16th Annual All Toyotafest
Queen Mary Long Beach CA

food and drinks at the Queen Mary
Awards and prizes
Vendors booths
Specialty Vehicles
bring the family minus the pets : (

From their press release
“Celebrate Toyota History and Heritage. From the 2000GT to the LFA, Land Cruiser to Sequoia, Hilux to Tundra!! See them all here at the ULTIMATE Toyota show!! Your participation is essential. Car Clubs and everyone invited!”

Free admission – Parking Fees Apply
Show time- 9 to 3pm
No animals except medical dogs are allowed to show area : (


Saturday, May 14, 2011. From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Free Admission, Kind Of, there is a parking Fee

At the scenic, Queen Mark Park in Long Beach, California

Registration for entering cars ended on April 22

Long Beach Car Show Saturday May 7 2011

What could be better than the fast cars, hot women and cold beer of the Long Beach Grand Prix? Why that’s easy, the Car Show and K-9 Demo Hosted by the Sultans Car Club. I believe I appreciate classic cars a bit more than simply fast cars. And while I do like beer, I like working dogs better. Now the women, well I am male, so I like beautiful women in all setting. We can only hope that there will be beautiful women along with gorgeous cars at this event.

While the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix is big and has money and political backing, this show is to help fund and support the police k9 program. In my younger days I used to train police dogs, what fun.

The car show and K9 demonstrations will from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This event will be held on the grass at the Police officers Association. And you ask, where the heck is that? Do you remember the old veterans hospital? Okay maybe not. It’s at the park located behind the Lowes and wal mart at Carson St just west of the 605. You might need to drive around a bit to find it. I think it’ll be worth the path finding experience to see not only great cars but great dogs too. Hey and spectator admission is FREE! YES

There will be K9 demos, Food, music by Johnny Rocket and the V-twins
I think I read that it’s $35 to enter the car show, but you get a free (kind of free) T-Shirt if you pre-register. Its $40 if you arrive to show your car and haven’t pre-registered.
This show is limited to the first 300 cars. I think that’s a fairly good number of cars to ogle at for the day.

Belmont Shore Car Show – Long Beach CA

Here is a Long Beach Car Show video from my friend at ThePrimeSpot.com. I will be posting more of her video in the future. The audio was changes on this video since my last post. However, if there are any local car buff bands or any local bands this video is looking for a new sound track. Enjoy the close ups and walk bys of these classic cars.

Long Beach Belmont shore car show 2010

While I don’t have the theme done for the site or much of anything here yet, I am working at getting the site in operational condition. I’ll be working it for a bit so stick with me. To start thing off I will be posting a few videos. The very first post is of last year’s car show in Long Beach’s Belmont shore

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