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Performance Plus Spring Cruise night and BBQ

Performance Plus Spring Cruise night Friday May 20, 2011 5 pm to 9 pm, Open to all vehicles, 150 to 200 cars expected

Sultans Car Show Long Beach 2011

Sultans Car Show 2011 in Long Beach had a lot of great cars, in the video you’ll see two cars I really liked, a 1959 Metro and a 1953 Willys

Random Photos of the Seal Beach Car Show

We are finishing the week of Seal Beach Car Show coverage. I will still post some video and photos after Friday, but I hope to have new video and photos from this weekend’s Long Beach car show. That is Saturday May 7 2011 Before the photos a little news I am also waiting for a […]

Temple City Car Show at St. Luke Parish

The Temple City Car Show looks interesting although I am really looking forward to the Long Beach Car show next week

Long Beach Car Show Saturday May 7 2011

What could be better than the fast cars, hot women and cold beer of the Long Beach Grand Prix? Why that’s easy, the Car Show and K-9 Demo Hosted by the Sultans Car Club. I believe I appreciate classic cars a bit more than simply fast cars. And while I do like beer, I like […]

Belmont Shore Car Show – Long Beach CA

Here is a Long Beach Car Show video from my friend at ThePrimeSpot.com. I will be posting more of her video in the future. The audio was changes on this video since my last post. However, if there are any local car buff bands or any local bands this video is looking for a new […]

Long Beach Belmont shore car show 2010

While I don’t have the theme done for the site or much of anything here yet, I am working at getting the site in operational condition. I’ll be working it for a bit so stick with me. To start thing off I will be posting a few videos. The very first post is of last […]